LF History

LF History

the time tunnel of LF

The predecessor of LF is a simplex factory named LianFa established in 1994 which produced common spatial structure and steel structure similar to others and provided the service of sales and installation in the internal market.

With years' development, LianFa contracted many famous projects such as Coal Storage for HouShi power plant with the longest diameter in Asia in 1997. Owing to this project, LF became the first company that succeeds in apply spatial structure to the dome coal storage roof, and the project proved that spatial structure is a  reliable, economical and secure construction material. After this project, Shanghai Caojing power plant coal storage, Nanjing Jinling power plant coal storage, Nanjing Datang power plant coal storage, Mengjing power plant coal storage etc. are contracted by LF.  In 2010, LF was awarded by State Grid Company of China for its application of spatial structure in electricity construction.

Since 2010, LF attached great importance to expanding overseas markets. Because of the aesthetic design, excellent safety, cost efficiency of LF's space structure, LF contracted many projects in different countries such as Malaysia, Australia, Togo, Nigeria, Maldives, India, South Africa, Philippines and so on.

In 2014, in order to provide the best service to foreign customers all over the world, LF service center was established to provide professional consultant and after-sale services to customers while factories focus on production.
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