Technical Article

Technical Article

  • Safety Management of Dangerous Bulk Material StorageSafety Management of Dangerous Bulk Material Storage2018/05/21The storage of hazardous chemicals must set up a strict warehouse management system. Before entering the warehouse, they should be checked and registered.The hazardous chemicals should be taken proper...view
  • Steel FrameSteel Frame2018/05/20Steel structure sheds can be divided into: colored steel tiles, sunshine board carport, endurance board.Colored steel tiles: colored steel tiles are of various colors. The commonly used colors are gra...view
  • The Practice of Glass Lighting SkylightThe Practice of Glass Lighting Skylight2018/05/19First, type and structure of glass daylight skylight1. Types: monomers and groupsSingle and double slope slope, four slope, pyramid and spherical crown shape, etc.2, structure: steel keel, aluminum ke...view
  • Safety of Glass Skylight FrameSafety of Glass Skylight Frame2018/05/18As the frame and support of sunshine room, the strength of frame structure, bearing capacity and service life directly determine the safety performance of sunshine house.1) material selection: accordi...view
  • Non-systematic Sun RoomNon-systematic Sun Room2018/05/17Non-systematic sunroom: that is, the frame adopts steel or ordinary aluminum material, which is not systematic development. It uses the existing materials of the market and selects randomly. rigid con...view
  • The Benefits of A Building Which Is Dome-shaped At The TopThe Benefits of A Building Which Is Dome-shaped At The Top2018/05/16Simply from the function, the ancient architectural form is also from it, which allows for faster draining. Greek and Roman civilization is the source of western culture, which results from the architectu...view
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