Steel pipe truss is latticework structure which use round pipe mutual connection in the end. Truss structure with self weight is easy to form various shapes to adapt to the different usage, it can make simply supported truss and arch, framework, etc. The proportion of pipe truss in building is increasing, such as the public building stadiums, high-speed rail station, subway station, etc aspect, steel truss has been widely used. The truss structure with the characteristic of attractive appearance, easy fabrication and installation, good structure stability, large roof rigidity, good economic effect, etc. The best advantage of the structure can perfectly combine people’s functional requirement and sensory requirement to building, as well as economic benefits. Compared with the spatial structure, pipe truss structure saves bottom chord longitudinal pipe and spatial structure ball node, and can meet the requirements of various architectural form, especially the construction of arch and arbitrary curve shapes, it has more advantages than the spatial structure. There is the same stability for each direction, save the material utilization amount.

Structure Type:  Light

Application:  Stadium bleachers    


Design Standard:  NSCP

Size:  104mx16.9mx9.387m  

Wind Zone:  250kph

Seismic Zone:  4(Z=0.4)

Certificates:  ISO, CE, SGS

Steel Material:  Q345B

Surface Treatment:  Epoxy primer with zinc power and acrylic PU finishing coat

Roof panel:  Color steel sheet.

Shipping:  30 working days after designing drawings are confirmed with signature

Installation:  Supply supervision

Packaging Details:  Use packing rack for large steel components, small components are putted into wooden case.

Warranty:  1 years

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