Glass Igloos



The first drafts and sketches of the Glass Igloos were outlined already on year 1993 by Architect Esko Lehmola, but suitable manufacturer and related machinery was not found. The next drafts on year 2005 were showing that addition to glass, another material is needed. The development work continued on year 2013 and another material was found to be composite with insulation which can be formed accordingly. Also suitable manufacturer and machinery for the glass itself was now available.


The general design of the Glass Igloo was determined to be constant half ball shape without sharp seams between each of the glass. The idea was discussed further with advanced glass companies in Europe and they confirmed that the current design is aesthetic can be built.

The general design consists of symmetrical glass segments and one skullcap glass on the top. All the glass seams are filled silicone or comparable material. The seams between each glass are relative thin and the glass surface forms even and round shape.

The design enables light and simple steel structure below the glass. All the support structures are made of bent steel profile which is painted or galvanized.

The main driver for the development and design work has been unique and comfort interior, relative large dimensions, transparency, round and even glass surface, light steel structure and additional composite part. The composite part offers privacy in the Glass Igloo.

The Glass Igloos are close and energy efficient. The glass elements are made of laminated insulating units which stands harsh environment. The Glass Igloos have light outlook and they can be built and camouflaged in the forest or mountains.