Great Dome Skylight Restoration

Great Dome Skylight Restoration (1)

Sunlight once again shines through the oculus in MIT’s Great Dome, thanks to the restoration of the skylight as originally designed in 1913 by MIT alumnus William Welles Bosworth. MIT blacked out the glass roof in buildings 7 and 10 during World War II to evade detection by potential enemy bombers. The 2013 work above the Barker Library in Building 10 follows the Building 7 skylight restoration in 2002.

Hundreds of glass blocks in a stainless steel frame make up the 27-foot diameter skylight, completely replacing the original 1916 construction. The glass roof are embossed with patterns that concentrate the intensity of the light passing through them by 15 percent. A clear, impact-resistant cover installed above the glass protects the new dome skylight, a popular location for MIT hacks.