Some Factors to Cause the Instability of Steel Structure Building

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With the improvement of the level of construction and construction in our country, the steel structure has been widely used in the construction of steel. However, there are still three major defects (such as poor fire resistance, easy to corrosion and unstable) which restrict the development of the steel structure building industry. The stability of the steel structure is the most outstanding problem. Today we will focus on the impact of the steel structure on the stability of those things.

Some factors to cause the instability of steel structure building

Two types of instability of the steel structure, the overall instability and local instability. Most of the overall instability is caused by local instability, when the compression part or the bending part of the long thin ratio exceeds the allowable value, it will lose stability. It is influenced by many objective factors:

1 there are some defects in the material of the steel structure, which leads to some errors in the calculation. For example: the residual stress of the steel structure or the steel material, the initial eccentric force, as well as the initial bending and so did not get enough attention. Can lead to a large error in the calculation of the stability of the steel structure.

2 support is often ignored by designers or builders, which is one of the reasons for the overall instability.

3 different load changes and supporting conditions.

4 because of the different position of the lifting point, the force of the truss or the truss can change, resulting in the loss of stability.

5 scaffolding collapse, collapse or deformation is mostly due to lack of connecting rod, not supported.

On the current construction of our country is concerned, although the stability of the steel structure design has great achievements, but if the negligence in the above details, will greatly affect the stability of the steel structure. Therefore, when we use the steel structure, we should always be vigilant, take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of steel structure, lasting work.