Skylight/Sloped Glazing Council Talks NAFS, New White Paper, Documents at Annual Conference

During the AAMA 80th Annual Conference in February, the Skylight/Sloped Glazing Council met to go over some upcoming changes to the North American Fenestration Standard, the development of a white paper on skylight loading and other skylight and sloped glazing-related documents.

These topics and more will continue to undergo work during the AAMA Summer Conference in Newport, RI June 18-21.

Skylight Glazing Council

Possible NAFS Simplification Draws Widespread Member Interest

The impact of proposed NAFS simplification on skylight products was the focus of recent discussions by the Skylight NAFS Task Group at the recent annual conference.

The proposed revisions, expected to be published in 2019, were the subject of a webinar on May 5, expected at the time of this writing to draw upwards of 100 participants.

Once the changes are resolved, the new document would be balloted to the Joint Document Management Group and thence to the AAMA membership at large.

Group Mulls White Paper on Skylight Loading

The Skylight/Sloped Glazing Codes and Regulatory Affairs Committee is planning the development of a white paper to assist home builders, designers and code officials on the application of ASCE/SEI 7 in the 2018 IBC and IRC.

An integral part of building codes in the United States, ASCE/SEI 7-16, Minimum Design Loads and Associated Criteria for Buildings and Other Structures, describes the means for determining dead, live, soil, flood, tsunami, snow, rain, atmospheric ice, earthquake, and wind loads, and their combinations for general structural design. The white paper would focus on implications for skylights and sloped glazing installations.