Tragedy Caused by Heavy Snow

3 people got hurt beacuse the canopy of 2000m² colour steel in Xinfeng,Lingtong broke down due to the heavy snow.

In the early morning at 22th.The first snow came to Xian city on time as the people’s expectations.Continous big snow brought people not only fresh air,beautiful view,but also brought many troubles.In the afternoon at 22th,3 people got hurt beacuse the canopy of 2000m²colour steel broke down.


3 people got hurt beacuse the canopy of 2000m²colour steel broke down


The canopy was used for vegetable trade,when the canopy collapsed,it’s not sure how many people were buried.Shortly afterwords,3 female walked out of canopy by themselves and were sent to the near hospital by rescuers.But no one knew if there is anyone else in the collapsed canopy.


At 5.30p.m.,it was still snowing heavily,the canopy of colour steel nearly collapsed entirely,the scene was in a mess.Over 10 rescuers was cleaning the scene,severl big cranes was working.There was someone removed the small parts of canopy by tools,and there were cars ran out of canopy after steel structure cleaned.There was only small parts that was hundreds square meters around at the north-west corner didn’t entirely collapsed,and it can be saw that there was a car under the collapsed edge. 


The nearby shopkeeper said to reporter,’In the after,there was not so many people in the market,after 3 female walked out,I think there was no one in there.But lots of cars parked under the canopy in the daily life,I think there were many cars would be damaged.’According to the news that reporters got,that 3  female were injured slightly on their ankles and heads,and they will recover soon.



Nearby masses said that the accident probably has relations with the lack of pillar.


At the scene of the accident, reporter saw some Xinfeng Street office staff, the deputy secretary Deng Guangli of Street office introduced to the reporter after the accident, at 3:12 they received the report, "we were having a meeting in the Street office when we received the report,and immediately we rushed to the scene.When we arrived the scene, 3 wounded people had already been saved and cured." Deng Guangli said, when the accident just happened, 8 staff of Street office and shopkeepers in the market put themselves into the rescue at the earliest time, and then various government departments’staff came to the scene."The rescuers were more than 200 totally ."



Referring to the reason of collapsing,market staff and Street office staff had the same idea,"The height of snow on the canopy reached 15cm,it’s too heavy.And this canopy doesn’t have the shores in the middle which the standard canopy should have."

Making the construction should use your conscience,otherwise you are looking down on humans lives.