Yacht Concept Cosmos from Oceanco and DeBasto Design

Oceanco has introduced many of the world’s most compelling gigayachts. The Dutch shipyard has also partnered with leading designers for concepts that take your breath away. The 295-foot Cosmos concept from Luiz DeBasto and Oceanco has a curved, almost sportboat - like superstructure, but its most dramatic feature is the skydeck, enclosed in thousands of square feet of glass. Like a starship in a sci-fi movie, the glass dome allows for unrivaled views in every direction, whether it’s gazing at the night sky from a Tahitian cove or taking in the lower Manhattan skyline by day.

Yacht Concept Cosmos

Yacht Concept Cosmos01

The glass dome on the 295-foot Cosmos provides unparalleled views.

DeBasto and Oceanco are both known for creating concepts that can be turned into reality. Oceanco’s engineering department studied Cosmos’s feasibility and gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. Cosmos’s glass panels are enclosed in metal frames and the supporting frame leans forward, not only to enhance the structural integrity, but also to improve the view. The UV-protected glass can be dimmed or even colored to match onboard moods. “While the glass looks simple, it is extremely complex in order to comply with all the regulations,” says DeBasto. “This provides an interesting tension between being adventurous and being safe.”