Jilin to establish 100 mechanized agricultural subjects

machinery for farmers

Jilin government intends to help provide advanced farming machinery for farmers in 2017

Jilin province intends to focus on accelerating the transformation of agriculture development, to realize a modern agricultural economy, and to fully mechanize grain production by to establishing 100 fully mechanized agriculture projects in 2017, the Jilin Province Agriculture Committee recently announced.

The project contains two parts -- purchasing agricultural machinery equipment and constructing machines and storage sheds.

Large tractors, scarification equipment for sub-soiling and land-preparation, no-tillage planters, seeding devices for water fields, reapers for corn and rice, straw treatment devices, and other machinery will be introduced to farms in the province and farmers can receive subsidies to purchase these advanced machines.

The construction of machines and storage sheds will be enhanced and re-constructed on the bases of existing facilities. The construction funds will be obtained through self-funding and provincial subsidies.