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A look at Structural Failures of the Sports Stadium at Kuala Terrengganu, Malaysia, Yand How to avoid Structural Failures

Structural Failures 01

Some of the photographs of the roof stadium collapse would be revealing :

Aerial Picture of the Collapsed Roof. Note that the other structures are intact, it is only the roof which failed and the roof is actually a Proprietary Space Frame Structure, and not designed and fabricated by local contractors on site. Note also that Space Frames are all Pinned Jointed and designed based on direct forces, tension or compression.

Structural Failures 02

Part of the Roof Structure which shows the Space Frames involved

Structural Failures 03

More pictures showing the extensive collapse of the whole roof.

Note that Space Frames are interdependent on each other for strength. It is very weak and unstable until it is erected and forces are transmitted from top down. It is also very sensitive and any failure would be more of a "domino effect"

Structural Failures 04

Extensive Lives would have been lost had the Sports Stadium been occupied during the Malaysia Games !Designers and particularly Structural Engineers must be acutely aware that any structures you do must never fail under any circumstances, as any failures could result in collapse and lost of lives, not to say very costly.