Uses of Domes Roofs

Uses of Geodesic Domes

It is believed that there are more than 300,000 domes roof  around the world today. They can be constructed in a variety of sizes, with the largest being 216m in diameter (the Fukuoka Dome, a baseball stadium in Japan) making them suitable for a wide range of uses:

1) Sports stadiums.

2) Theatres.
3) Greenhouses.
4) Exhibition halls.
5) Children’s playgrounds.
6) Emergency shelters.
7) Military shelters.
8) Radomes.
Examples of geodesic domes
1) The American exhibit at Expo 67 in Montreal.
2) The largest geodesic dome at 216m in Fukuoka in Japan.
3) Epcot Centre’s Spaceship Earth centre.