Many industrial manufacturing operations have large bulk raw materials storage needs. These materials such as coal, limestone, clinker, alumina, coke or other aggregates many times need to be protected from the environment but without hampering operations.

Dome shape storage is one of the common ways to store large volumn bulk material. It has some advantages as below:
1.Strong And Durable: Dome shape storage is stronger and more durable than the normal box shape structures. And its lifetime is generally longer. It is effective to resist natural factors such as fire,water and wind.
2.Energy Efficient: The dome structures are extremely tight, they generally do not require much internal support.
3.Minimum Maintenance: These structures require minimal maintenance mainly due to the fact that they are least affected by the various natural elements. 
4.Cost Effective: The construction cost of these structures a lot lower than the regular box shape buildings. In addition, the low energy bills and maintenance costs also help the owners to save money.

LF is good at construction of dome shaped structures, it has several obvious advantages as following:
1.Design: LF has equipped with the most advanced design software and system,and has professional technical engineers.
2.Fabrication: LF has perfect quality control system of fabrication, which can control the fabrication effectively to meet clients’requirement.
3.Installation: Engineers of LF are all experts in the field of steel structure and spatial structure with many years of construction experience.

Especially LF is expert in construction of long span(D>100m) that is replace traditional H type steel structure by absolute advantages such as lower cost, more beautiful outlook and security structure.

Structure Type:  light

Application:  coal storage 


Design Standard:  GB

Span:  122.20m


Height:   70.04m

Foundation Height:  16.5


Wind load: 0.45KN/M2

Snow load: 0.65KN/M2

eismic acceleration:0.142g

Certificates:  ISO, CE, SGS

Steel Material:    Q235B/Q345B,45#,40Cr

Anti-rust treatment :main components by hot-dip galvanization.

Roof :color steel sheet (SMP finish),natural lighting  roof: FRP sheet.

Shipping: 35~40 Days

Installation: Engineers on-site installation guide.

Packaging Details: Special packaging with wood box.

Warranty:  1 years

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