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The predecessor of LF is a simplex factory named LianFa which produced common spatial structure and steel structure similar to others and provided the service of sales and installation in the internal market.

LianFa factory was built in 1994. Originally, it only consisted of over 10 people who are mainly in charge of design, fabrication and installation  of spatial structure and steel structure. Designers only can design for internal projects standard. Moreover, design and fabrication of spatial structure only conformed to GB standard. With the competition becoming more and more fierce, Lianfa’s enterprise mechanism, product and service gradually lagged behind.

As a simplex factory in the past, LianFa contracted for many famous projects and obtained great permission from customers and industry. LF contracted for HouShi  power plant-- coal storage with the longest diameter in Asia in 1997. Owing to this, LF became the first company that succeed in making spatial structure apply to the dome coal storage roof, and the project proved that spatial structure is a  reliable, economical and secure construction material. Afterwards, LF also designed, fabricated and installed several big projects such as Shanghai Caojing coal storage, Nanjing Jinling coal storage, Nanjing Datang coal storage, Mengjing power plant, etc. In 2010, LF was awarded by State Grid Company of China for its application of spatial structure in electricity construction.

Since 2010, we intended to expand overseas market. Because the technology and production team led by LF can proficiently conform to different standards of main countries, more and more clients have good impression and trust on us. LF directly designed, fabricated and contracted for lots of industrial and civil projects in many countries, such as Malaysia, Australia, Togo, Jordan, Maldives, Nigeria, India, South Africa, etc. The times of indirect providing goods are numerous to mention and goods widely covered countries in Asia, Africa, America, Europe, Oceania, etc.

During the process of construction, in order to guarantee the quality and security of construction, LF especially took the weather features of northern countries and technical difficulties into consideration, such as half-span snow load, ice melting, preventing damp, cold bridge treatment etc. In addition, LF is the only company which is capable of designing and fabricating the construction that bear the Philippine typhoon. After succeeding in going through the test of the big typhoons such as HaiYan, we got the praise from the Philippine and industry.