Product Description

The conference hall roof project is located in Lome, Togo, which was finished in 2014. The roof adopts dome spatial structure which is a truss-like, lightweight rigid structure constructed from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern. The roof panel adopts the sandwich panel.


Product features and advantages

The roof adopts spatial structure which makes the whole weight of the structure very light. Also it does not need to weld on site which speeds up the installation, more important it can guarantee the quality. Considering the conference hall project’s span is more than 30 meters without no column inside it, when the engineers design, they provide the spatial structure roof plan because the spatial structure structure is an economical means of covering large column-free spaces for a variety applications, including sports structures, aircraft hangars, assembly halls, etc.


Enterprise - related advantages

LF company is a renowned designer and fabricator of structural and architectural  spatial structure. It focused on lightweight, structurally sound components and recycled materials with a focus in installation flexibility and low maintenance finish options that assure long life quality, function and appearance. LF provides complete design and fabrication service from consultation to engineering and from manufacturing to installation.

Product parameters


Structure Type:  Light

Application:  Conference hall roof

Design Standard:  JGJ7-2010

Span:  34.4m

Height:  5.806m

Foundation Height:  4.5m

Wind Zone:  31.2m/s

Seismic Zone:  Ⅰ

Certificates:  ISO, CE, SGS

Steel Material: Steel member:Q235B,  High strength bolt:40Cr,  Bolt ball:40#

Surface Treatment:1) Epoxy zinc-rich primer 2) Micaceous iron epoxy medium paint 3) PU finishing coat

Roof : Sandwich panel on-site composite

Shipping: Put goods in containers, ship by sea

Installation: Engineer supervision

Packaging Details: Use packing rack for large steel components, small components are putted into wooden case.

Warranty:  1 years

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