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LF’s fully mechanical/bolted joint ensure a fast, safe and easy installation at project site. With our experienced engineer’s guidance, LF spatial structures can be installed by local unskilled labor and it requires no special tools, equipment or skill.

LF never compromise on every detail of goods to provide perfect customer experience. We attach great importance to the packing. Every LF structural member gets a sticker with identifying information. Unique mark, component number, fabrication parameters and QR coding ensure that all component information is available exactly when and where required


 Usually the project site is so far from China, packing is so important to protect goods from damage during transportation. Goods looks like new in our plant with our considerate packing when goods arrive at site.

packing1 packing2 packing3

When it comes to an enormous structure with millions of components, how to build it?

Fortunately, with decades’ improvement, LF create our own special installation methodology. Before the first container arrives at site, our experts provide guidelines for manpower, equipment, tools and time that will be required. Local unskilled workers can be trained by our experts for future assembly work. Welding or special tools are seldom needed to assemble a LF spatial structure


You will find it is a magic when containers are received on site and workers open them. Inside boxes and packages are ordered and sequentially numbered according the installation sequence. There will not be a doubt what goes where, when. It is easy for the workers to follow the numbered boxes and packages sequentially. The complexity of structure is reduced. You will be very proud of yourself after you finish a structure with millions of components.