Steel structure is mainly composed of steel beam, steel column and steel support, the welding, bolt connection or rivet connection is required between each components or parts. As the light self-weight and it is easy to install, widely used in large warehouse and workshop, sport hall, gas station canopy and other fields. All materials can be completely recyclable which accords with sustainable development strategy. Compared with other construction, there are advantages in term of design, construction and comprehensive economic, also the cost is lower, and can be moved at any time. LF steel structure components and accessories all adopt automatic production and high precision production, serialization and canalization for product specification. Structural design, detail design, test installation of computer, fabrication, construction site installation, etc are synchronous with small time difference. The appearance of steel components is artistic and anti-corrosion after galvanizing and paint, help reduce maintenance charge.

Structure Type:  Light

Application:  Gas station 


Design Standard:  ASTM

Size:  25mx12mx5m

Wind Zone:  225kph

Seismic Zone:  4(Z=0.4)

Certificates:  ISO, CE, SGS

Steel Material:  Q345B

Surface Treatment:  Hot dip galvanizing and paint.

Roof panel:  Color steel sheet.

Shipping:  30 working days after designing drawings are confirmed with signature

Installation:  Supply supervision

Packaging Details:  Use packing rack for large steel components, small components are putted into wooden case.

Warranty:  1 years

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