• LF ApplicationLF ApplicationNovember 27, 2017LF Space frame has excellent performance which is much better than other steel structure. If the soan is more than 30m, space frame is more economical, safer, and with better seismic performance. So i...view
  • LF ShapeLF ShapeNovember 27, 2017LF is a professional manufacturer and engineering company for space frame and steel structure project with full capability of RESEARCH, DESIGN, FABRICATION, CONSTRUCTION OR SUPERVISION SERVICE FOR OVE...view
  • Type Of ConnectionType Of ConnectionNovember 27, 2017The connections of steel structure are divided into weld and bolted connection.The advantages of bolted connection: bolted connection is to connect two components with bolts. This kind of structural s...view
  • Other Products ServicesOther Products ServicesNovember 27, 2017LF company can provide all kinds of steel space frame, metal roof, steel structure projects with with full capability of design, fabrication, construction service. We have been serving our customers i...view
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