Bulk Storage

Bulk Storage

LF is good at large span space frame projects, such as coal storage, cement warehouse in barrel or dome shape etc. Comparing to traditional H type steel structure, space frame with large span has more advantages such as more stability, beautiful appearance, saving cost etc.

After signing the contract with clients, the company will cooperate with clients to give better economical advice and proper technical suggestion. The company focuses on supplying high quality materials and professional technical service to satisfy clients.

During the process of construction, in order to guarantee the quality and security of construction, LF especially took the weather features of northern countries and technical difficulties into consideration, such as half-span snow load, ice melting, preventing damp, cold bridge treatment etc. In addition, LF is the only company which is capable of designing and fabricating the construction that bear the Philippine typhoon. After succeeding in going through the test of the big typhoons such as HaiYan, we got the praise from the Philippine and industry.
  • PUTTING BATO 1x135 MW COAL STORAGEPUTTING BATO 1x135 MW COAL STORAGENovember 24, 2017This project is space frame roofing of coal storage for Power Plant in Batangas, Philippines, the shape is barrel shell, the structure's full-width is 64.572m,clear span is 61m,full-length is 175m, height is 25.957m,construction area is 11300.1m2. The botview
  • Coal fields (2 seats) of the kalaca power plant in the PhilippinesCoal fields (2 seats) of the kalaca power plant in the PhilippinesNovember 24, 2017PROJECT DETAILS of Coal fields (2 seats) of the kalaca power plant in the PhilippinesStructure Type: LightApplication: Coal storage Design Standard: NSCP (National Structural Code of thePhilip...view
  • FU YANG COAL STORAGEFU YANG COAL STORAGENovember 24, 2017PROJECT DETAILS of FU YANG COAL STORAGE LF offers efficient longitudinal structures for bulk storage in cross sections that suit the project's conditions. As the most common way to store large volume b...view
  • HOUSHI POWER PLANTHOUSHI POWER PLANTNovember 24, 2017DESCRIPTION of HOUSHI POWER PLANTMany industrial manufacturing operations have large bulk raw materials storage needs. These materials such as coal, limestone, clinker, alumina, coke or other aggregat...view
  • HUILAI DOME POWER PLANTHUILAI DOME POWER PLANTNovember 24, 2017PROJECT DETAILS of HUILAI DOME POWER PLANTStructure Type: LightApplication: Coal storage Design Standard: GBSpan: 132.6m Height: 68.75mFoundation Height: 16.5m Wind Zone: 60m/sSeismic ac...view
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