Clinker Storage

Clinker Storage

With the development of modern cement industry, the storage capacity of the clinker is constantly improving, so the diameter of the storage has expanded from 20 meters to 60 meters or more. For small diameter of clinker storage, according to traditional design, the clinker storage top structure is designed as reinforced concrete overall beam slab structure or truncated cone shell structure, but for large diameter, if the top structure of clinker storage is designed again according to the reinforced concrete structures, it will make the civil construction very difficult, and the construction period is very long while construction cost is very high. Therefore, with the development of new steel structure, for large diameter clinker storage, the storage top structure is gradually designed as space frame structure, which solves the construction and installation difficulties well, and shortens the construction period with low cost.
  • GUIZHOU CEMENT PLANTGUIZHOU CEMENT PLANTNovember 24, 2017PROJECT DETAILS OF GUIZHOU CEMENT PLANTStructure Type: lightApplication: Clinker storage Design Standard: GB Span: 100m Length: 180m Height: 46m Wind Zone: 60m/sSeismic acceleration: 0....view
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