Other Products Services

Other Products Services

LF company can provide all kinds of steel space frame, metal roof, steel structure projects with with full capability of design, fabrication, construction service. We have been serving our customers in home and abroad for over 20 years. For over 20 years, LF has been recognized internationally for its expertise in design & construction of space frames, domes & free-form structures with all product complianting with sustainable building requirements. Guided by the business philosophy of "Quality without Compromise", LF have expanded market from the internal to lots of overseas countries, and have kept a long-term business relationship with each client. You may find our clients from all over the world, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, U.A.E., Jordan, Africa and so on.

The biggest different between our company and other similar enterprises is we have our own professional design team and excellent service team. We have all kinds of pipes, high strength bolt, bolt ball, sleeve, support, roofing system etc. We can help you save your valuable time because you don't need to find these accessories from different companies.
  • COMPONENTS AND PARTSCOMPONENTS AND PARTSNovember 27, 2017CONELF cone is well forged and with a nice smooth surface. Thicker material can provide strong load-bearing capacity. SLEEVELF sleeve is electro-galvanized with a smooth surface and nice look.LF sleev...view
  • PACKING TRANSPORTATIONPACKING TRANSPORTATIONNovember 27, 2017In LF, components are packed orderly in strong wood cases to avoid damage during transportation. Our steel pipes are packed with ductile plastic film and strong steel frame, which can protect pipes fr...view
  • ROOFING SYSTEMROOFING SYSTEMNovember 27, 2017LF offers you many great choices with advanced protection and technology. Saving construction time, supporting for large span structure, eliminating waste, reducing the risk of blow-off and helping qu...view
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