Space Frame

Space Frame

The space frame designed by LF is a new type of roof truss load-bearing structure, and it is multiple statically indeterminate structure system. Space frame structure is a spatial structure connected by several pipes and node balsl upon some regular pattern of geometric figure. 

It changes the ordinary frame structure of the general plane stress state, and it can bear the loads from all sides, even though the individual pipe is damaged, it can automatically adjust the member stress to maintain structural safety.

Space frame structure can be applied to coal storage of power plant, clinker storage of cement plant, stadium, industrial workshop, large restaurant, train station waiting hall, bus station waiting hall, airport terminal, gas station, material conveying trestle, exhibition hall, museum, canopy, large conference hall, toll station and so on.

The advantages of space frame designed by LF:
  • The span of space frame can be very long without columns in the center to support the whole structure, so space frame structure is suitable for buildings covering large area.
  • Cost of Space Frame
    Generally speaking:
If span≥30m,the cost of space frame is lower than the other structures.
If span<30m & ≥20m,the cost of space frame is almost same to other steel structures.
If the span<20m,the cost of space frame is higher than other structures.
  • Space frame structure has light self-weight.
  • Space frame structure is more secure than other traditional structures.
  • Space frame has excellent seismic performance.
  • Space frame is easy to install.
  • Space frame looks more beautiful.
  • Space frame structure is easy for transportation, as the sizes of components are small.
  • Space frame can be used to all kinds of buildings.
  • Space frame is suitable for industrialization production.
  • Many kinds of roofing material can be used to space frame.
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