Space Pipe Truss Structure

Space Pipe Truss Structure

Space frame and space truss as the mainly types of space grid structure have been used widely. The connection node is different between this two structures, the nodes of space frame are usually bolt ball or hollow sphere while joint of space truss is usually welded.
The space truss designed by LF looks aesthetic with smooth shape line with varieties of shapes. Space truss are widely used in lobby, airport terminal, Stadium, conference hall, exhibition hall and so on. The advantages of truss are obvious such as beautiful appearance (can be built into the shape of slab, arch and any curved), easy fabrication, rigidity, cost-efficiency.
  • PHILIPPINES  OVAL BLEACHERS STEEL TRUSS  PROJECTPHILIPPINES OVAL BLEACHERS STEEL TRUSS PROJECTNovember 24, 2017This project is pipe truss oval bleachers in Semirara, the Philippines with area 2042㎡,width 16.9m, length 104m. This truss structure includes 21 primary trusses. Secondary truss, steel tie bar, column bracing, horizontal bracing are used to connect theview
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