Product Description

The swimming pool is located in Semirara, Philippine which was finished in 2015. The roof structure adopts the spatial structure which is a truss-like, lightweight rigid structure constructed from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern. The roof panel adopts corrosion resistant plate which has excellent anti-corrosion performance.


Product features and advantages

The design for the swimming pool roof reflects LF unique design advantages. Firstly, this design is in strict accordance with the Philippine design standard NSCP which has high requirements about the wind load data. The wind load data we choose reaches to 250km/h, so through Typhoon such as Haiyan, our structure is still very strong. Secondly, in the terms of the support part, we adopt a special treatment to lower the reaction data, thereby reducing the base cost. Thirdly, the owner wants to lengthen the structure on the base, after our detailed calculation and analysis, we lengthen the structure in the middle part not at the end part. Fourthly, we adopt the curved arc purlin which makes the surface more smooth and beautiful. The smooth surface is LF patent.


Enterprise - related advantages

LF can design according to different national standards. In particularly, LF is good at  designing according to AISC standard. Therefore more than 1500 projects. LF has completed have higher safety performance. Guided by the business philosophy of “Quality without Compromise”, LF has expanded market from the internal to lots of overseas countries, and has kept a long-term business relationship with each client.

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