Botswana church animation

Botswana church animation

Project Location: Botswana

External sizeAbout 77m length x 35.8m width x 17.29m height (2484 m2 )

Internal sizeAbout 74m length x 32.7m width x 16.23m height (2190 m2 )

Main functionUsed in churches, auditoriums, weddings, music festivals, etc.

Capacity: Banquet style can accommodate about 1000 people (100 tables, 10 people per table). Movie style can hold about 2,500 chairs.

Roofing material: Mainly aluminum-magnesium-manganese board, PC board (or glass) at one end.


1.High safety, and can fully exert the strength of the steel itself, overall stability and durability;

2.The manufacture and surface treatment of each component are carried out at the factory, with short production period, high precision and good quality;

3.The construction site can be basically welded without welding and is easy to install;

4.The styling itself is full of enthusiasm and beauty.

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Total quantity:880, Total process time:0.24243188 ms


Total quantity:21

Use Memory: 12.2MB

Time-consuming: 0.40631 ms