Large Storage Warehouses

Large Storage Warehouses

The coal storage building function is mainly used for large storage warehouses, so it must have a certain storage and working space, that is, the structure must meet certain clearance requirements. Moreover, the cross-sectional shape of its effective use space is trapezoidal, and the envelope of the work space is close to the arc shape. The length and width of the dry coal bunker structure are determined according to the needs of the installed capacity, and the height of the structure is determined by the operational requirements of the coal and bucket turbines. Therefore, the dry coal bunker structure is characterized by a large span, a high height, and a wide coverage area. For these characteristics of the structure, the double-layer cylindrical reticulated shell structure has become the preferred structural form.

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Total quantity:918, Total process time:0.25027132 ms


Total quantity:21

Use Memory: 12.2MB

Time-consuming: 0.42716 ms