How it possible to realize the craftsmanship, centennial brand with low price bid?

How it possible to realize the craftsmanship, centennial brand with low price bid?

Some poor engineers found that the output value was negative after the project was completed. In the early stage, I felt that I had found that the owners who were very cheap had finally found themselves in a quagmire and could not pull out.

"People's Daily" has twice issued a document "the lowest price bid", which is rare! The quality of construction projects has been frequently caused by the problem of “lowest price bidding”, which has made the whole industry complaining and is also alerting the industry. The principle of “lowest price bid” is unchanged for one day, and it is difficult for the industry to have any craftsmanship, let alone a hundred-year brand! ”

In bidding, low prices can win the bid, causing everyone to be no better than quality, only lower than the price. I don't know from which day, the industry started a vicious competition for low-price bids. The project has become a cabbage, and you will dare to make a fuss. The results of it? Grab others' orders and break your own path! Enterprises that receive orders at low prices only value immediate interests, and seemingly compelling individual choices are jeopardizing the overall healthy development of the industry. This business model will not last long. Moreover, in the process of industrial transformation and upgrading, enterprises have also lost their ability to improve from product development and process innovation. Their development path can only be narrower and narrower. In the end, it will be found to be a dead end. In fact, in the game of price wars, companies can rely on their own advantages to gain more benefits. Speak by product, win the price war!

Under normal circumstances, according to the law of the market, the bid price or the bid price in the bidding shall not be lower than the cost price. However, in reality, some bidding units neglect quality requirements in the bidding process, and only the price theory causes the bid price to be lower or even lower than the cost price. In order to obtain profits, these enterprises that win the bids below the cost price can only reduce the cost in the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing, etc., at the expense of product quality to make up for the losses, thus appearing “Bad money drives out good”phenomenon. In law enforcement inspections, a cable company that had won the “Government Quality Award” bluntly stated that the production company had no profit margins and was forced to cut corners and break the bottom line. In fact, it is not uncommon for the case of low-cost bidding to lead to poor quality of products and even safety incidents.The emergence of the phenomenon of “low-cost bidding” has a certain relationship with the implementation of laws and regulations and imperfect regulatory mechanisms. From the root cause, it is caused by insufficient competition environment to encourage the survival of the fittest. When some companies make a lot of profits every year to engage in research and development, innovation, and improve product quality, individual companies can compete on the same stage and even compete successfully by cutting corners and counterfeiting. In the long run, no company is willing to spend energy on R&D and innovation. This not only seriously disrupted the market operation order, but also hit the entire manufacturing industry. The solution is to further improve the market environment, let the company speak the quality of the products, and let the hard-boiled products scream and stand firm.

What is pleasing is that in today's market, by cutting corners and even counterfeiting, the space is becoming increasingly powerful. On the one hand, at present, with the supervision of the whole process from pre-marking, standard to post-standard, the bidding and bidding activities are gradually standardized, and the possibility of seeking gray benefits through low-price bidding is greatly reduced. On the contrary, some low-price winning companies often have delayed delivery due to extremely low profits, and cannot guarantee quality, which makes the owners pay a higher price. In the field of engineering, some people have dubbed this phenomenon as "starving to death, exhausting themselves, and dying owners."

On the other hand, with the overall transformation of the manufacturing industry, companies that are unwilling to invest in product quality will become more and more difficult to survive. We should maintain the market rules for the survival of the fittest, so that high-end enterprises will be blocked by green lights and illegal enterprises, and enterprises will be responsible for products, responsible for customers and socially responsible.

Quality is the foundation of an enterprise, and the company must bear the main responsibility of product quality. In the final analysis, it is up to the enterprise itself to improve product quality. Only one product has quality, and one company has quality as its goal, and economic development is more quality. At present, the market is realizing consumption upgrades, and the industrial structure is quietly changing. High-end manufacturing and modern service industries will become hot spots for industrial investment. Competition in these areas will be more intense and the requirements for quality and brand will be higher. Only by insisting on quality-oriented, raising quality issues to the level of values and modern corporate philosophy, we can come to the fore and establish our own advantages in international competition.

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