Non-systematic Sun Room

Non-systematic Sun Room

Non-systematic sunroomthe frame adopts steel or ordinary aluminum material, which is not systematic development. It uses the existing materials of the market and selects randomly. rigid connection and welding, with strong adaptability and low-performance match between materials. It is convenient to do arc modeling and the cost is cheaper.

Advantages: The surface material is made of laminated glass or sunlight board (PC board) as the roof material, with the characteristics of rain and light transmission; PC board has strong impact resistance, 250 times stronger than traditional glass, 30 times stronger than acrylic. PC board has good folding resistance, even when the bending Angle is 80-90 degrees, it still does not break.

Disadvantages: The frame has no thermal structure, no drainage system, no system elastic calculation and the system section is simple. What is worse is that the material is more chaotic. The plastic material used in the surface material vibrates greatly, and it is noisier when it rains. The surface is easier to atomize. It is not easy to clean, aging fast, high yellowing rate and easy hardening. The crack rates are high, the insulation is poor, and the water seepage after cracking cannot be excluded.
systematic sunroom: Large-size aluminum material needs to be used in the framework, the support conditions of the site structure have elastic hinge structure, which is suitable for controlling the waterproofing system and structural deformation.

Advantages: Glass has no water drops noise problem and it's better to use the insulating reflective glass, which can increase the heat and relieve the light of the eyes.The combination of various glass configuration can solve such problem: the condensation water caused by the difference of wet difference, the safety glass with glue can prevent the damage caused by the rupture,which is no allow of plasticization problem of yellow cracking .

Disadvantages: The comprehensive energy consumption is low, but the cost is high.

Precautions:  the technology of construction is in high precise, but if the level is not designed well there may be an unstable situation. The glass and the frame must be separated in order to be able to withstand the earthquake independently which request the right frame designed to be strong and safe.

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