The hidden danger of steel space frame structure

The hidden danger of steel space frame structure

The steel structure space frame is relatively popular, the construction effect is also relatively ideal, the user of the space frame project recognition degree is high, but the general steel structure space frame still has certain safety hidden danger, so we should make the steel structure space frame safety treatment measures in advance.

Solve the fire hazard of steel space frame structure. Generally speaking, when the temperature around the steel structure products reaches 430-540 degrees, there will be steel bending, tensile strength reduction, bearing capacity reduction, etc. Therefore, refractories are needed for product maintenance. It is usually recommended to apply fireproof paint or water sprinkling to extinguish the fire, but the effect is not very good, so it is necessary to set fire prevention devices around the steel frame.

To prevent the potential instability of the space frame, generally including the overall stability and local stability. If the steel space frame loses stability after compression, and is affected by the change of bearing capacity and steel defects, it will collapse due to insufficient supporting force. The support force of space frame is very important, it’s necessary to consider the lifting point reasonably to avoid imbalance if it needs carry out lifting treatment.

Good corrosion resistance of steel frame. The corrosion resistance of general steel material is poor, it is easy to have corrosion conditions, which resulting in the decline of bearing capacity, and the maintenance work is relatively complex, so take the corresponding anti-corrosion measures will bring different results.
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