• Aluminum single-layer reticulated shell constructionAluminum single-layer reticulated shell construction2020/04/02Ningbo's first aluminum alloy structural reticulated shell,the reticulated roof of the Tangshu School Sports Building in Haishu District,is located south of Huancheng South Road and east of Nantang Ri...view
  • Lingnan Mingzhu StadiumLingnan Mingzhu Stadium2020/03/26Lingnan Mingzhu Stadium is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It is a famous grid sports stadium in China.The main building structure system consists of a main hall and two auxiliary halls. T...view
  • Shanghai GymnasiumShanghai Gymnasium2020/03/19Shanghai Gymnasium is one of the large gymnasiums in China. It was built and used in 1975. It is currently the first theater-style stadium in China.The main hall is circular, 33 meters high, and the r...view
  • What should be paid attention to in winter steel structure constructionWhat should be paid attention to in winter steel structure construction2020/03/131. Steel structure manufacturing and installation Winter construction is strictly performed in accordance with relevant winter construction regulations for steel structures.2. For steel components wit...view
  • Macau East Asia StadiumMacau East Asia Stadium2020/03/12The Macau East Asian Stadium is known as the "Macau Egg" and is a famous oval steel structure.Macau East Asia Stadium is a typical oval dome building. It is an open ellipsoid with a major axis diamete...view
  • Return to work and prevent epidemics LF Group resumed productionReturn to work and prevent epidemics LF Group resumed production2020/03/05A sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus affects the whole country, making the spring of 2020 particularly different from the past. In order to win the fight against the epidemic, ...view
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