• Beijing And Oslo Will Seek Free Trade AgreementBeijing And Oslo Will Seek Free Trade Agreement2016/06/01China and Norway agreed on Monday to normalize bilateral ties, which deteriorated six years ago, with Oslo vowing not to support acts that hamper China's core interests.Premier Li Keqiang and Norwegia...view
  • Glass IgloosGlass Igloos1970/01/01The first drafts and sketches of the Glass Igloos were outlined already on year 1993 by Architect Esko Lehmola, but suitable manufacturer and related machinery was not found. The next drafts on year 2...view
  • How Art Installations Celebrate High-heel ShoesHow Art Installations Celebrate High-heel Shoes1970/01/01Visitors tour the High-Heeled Shoe Church in Chiayi, Southeast China's Taiwan, July 23, 2016. The shoe, costing $7.6 million, is made with 320 pieces of blue glass and steel frame. It is 17 meters tal...view
  • Local Steel Makers Oppose Certification Of Foreign ProducersLocal Steel Makers Oppose Certification Of Foreign Producers1970/01/01Local steel manufacturers have opposed government plan tocertify steel  manufacturers abroad and grant them the Philippine Standard marks (PS Mark) for theirsteel exports to the Philippines, stressin...view
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