2018 Prefabricated Construction Industry Xiangjiang Forum was held in Ningxiang

2018 Prefabricated Construction Industry Xiangjiang Forum was held in Ningxiang

On the afternoon of August 12, 2018, the assembly-style construction industry Xiangjiang Forum and An Xingju brand launch conference was held in Ningxiang to discuss the development of the industry.


Prefabricated building is an advanced construction method, energy saving and environmental protection. According to the “Hunan Province Housing Industrialization Production Base (2015-2020)”, by 2020, Hunan will form 15 residential industrial production bases. At present, Changsha has actively strengthened its industry strength, cultivated local core brands and built a cascade of industrial clusters by increasing financial subsidies and policy support. Prefabricated buildings are welcoming the golden age of development.


Changsha is the first demonstration city in the country. At present, the city has 8 state-level industrial bases and 11 provincial-level industrial bases. The annual construction area of prefabricated buildings has reached 4.5 million square meters, and the annual output value has reached more than 30 billion yuan. In March of this year, Changsha issued the “Three-Year Development Plan for the Assembly-Type Construction Industry Chain”. By 2020, a 100 billion-level modern assembly-type construction industry cluster will be formed. The proportion of commercial housing assembly buildings newly built in the city will reach more than 45%.


What are the advantages of prefabricated buildings? In fact, many years ago, foreign countries and Hong Kong, China, have already begun to use. What do you care most about is that the assembled building is solid? How safe is it? In this regard, field experts said that a large number of parts of the fabricated building are factory-produced, and the quality control ability is far greater than the traditional wet-on-site wet work. Through the simulation of various calculation models in the design process, diversified and comprehensive physical experiments, and the practice of a large number of projects at home and abroad, it is proved that the quality and safety of the house can stand the test, and the technology is mature and reliable.

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