2019 China (Xuzhou) International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Conference opens

2019 China (Xuzhou) International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Conference opens

"2019 China (Xuzhou) International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Conference and International Digital Economy Summit" officially opened on June 19. Xuzhou LF Group was invited as an outstanding representative to participate in this summit.

The conference was held from June 19th to 21st. With the theme of “Digital Xuzhou, Link Huaihai, Serve the World”, with the “1+6+1” mode, to hold an opening ceremony and a high-level summit with six special topics, a project docking meeting forum.

Opening ceremony and high-level summit

On the morning of June 20th, the opening ceremony held the launching ceremony of the Xuzhou Data Port Project of the International Capacity Cooperation Center and the Digital Cooperation Platform Project of the China-India IT Corridor, and the signing ceremony of the digital economic cooperation project.

At the high-level summit, Ms. Wang Xiaohong, Vice Minister of Information of China International Economic Exchange Center, released the “Blue Book of Service Outsourcing – China Service Outsourcing Industry Development Report” and held the launching ceremony of “White Paper on Xuzhou Service Outsourcing Industry Development”.

Six special forums

Held on the afternoon of the 20th and the morning of the 21st, including

Digital Technology and Offshore Service Outsourcing Integration Development Forum

Digital Xuzhou Academician Forum

Cross-border e-commerce digital service forum

Xuzhou Service Outsourcing Industry Development Seminar

Digital Village Revitalization Forum

"Internet + New Retail" Forum

At the opening ceremony, the “International Capacity Cooperation Center Xuzhou Data Port Project” and the “China-India IT Corridor Digital Cooperation Platform Project” officially started operations. The conference plans to sign 89 projects with a total investment of 17.29 billion Yuan. 40 projects with better quality will be signed at the meeting, mainly involving IT, ICT and outsourcing, e-commerce service platform projects.

After the opening ceremony, a high-level summit was held. Leaders and industry experts discussed the new trend of digital economy development. Vice Mayor Xu Donghai gave a keynote speech. At the high-level summit, a white paper on the development of Xuzhou's service outsourcing industry was also held.

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