Additive Storage

Additive Storage

additive storage
Additives are chemicals and materials blended into base cement slurries to alter the performance of the cement. Due to the inherent nature of base cements (Neat, Portland and Pozzolanic) and because of the demands placed on the cement cover throughout the life of the structure, the performance properties of the cementing slurry are modified to address the specific and unique conditions of each structure.

Additives are used to enhance cement slurries in all wellbore conditions. Variations in additive concentration may cause significant changes in thickening time, compressive strength, and viscosity, so determining the optimum balance of additives to achieve a reliable annular seal, particularly in extreme or corrosive down whole conditions, can be complex. Thus, field-proven technical solutions, laboratory-driven empirical data from analytical tests, and finite element analysis models play an important role when engineering an optimized slurry blend Additive storage sheds are often built over operating stockpiles since construction can proceed without interrupting operations. Because the erection process does not require machines to be installed at internal periphery of the span.
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