Advantage of Space Frame Structure

Advantage of Space Frame Structure


Space Frame Structures can be fixed and dismantled as per need and desire
– The structure is beautiful in look and in case of structure it is very safe for shorter to longer period
– This structure is every architectures delight as this system, enables work of any kind of geometrical shape and profile
– In this structure the distribution if lighting is very convenient as there is a presence of nodes and balls over the full complete area. In this system, AC ducts, Fire Sprinkler system can pass through the without requiring additional space and false ceilings,
– Load transfer in this structure is completely apt due to concentric and zero eccentric connections in axials
– All the space frames pipes( hollow space) and components are perfectly protected against atmospheric exposure and attacks in this type of structure
– For better corrosion resistance in the system, Galvanized product can be obtained with powder coating.  
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