Airport Terminal Building With Long Span Structure

Airport Terminal Building With Long Span Structure

For building any Airport, the span & design of the Airport Terminal Building should be placed at high priority than material efficiency and ease of construction. All parts of the building utilize repetitive, modular designs that accommodate construction phasing and permit rapid construction. One of the primary design feature of the Airport Terminal Building is a long-span steel roof covering the check-in hall, security, and passport control functions.

Structure with span larger than 20m can be regarded as long span structure. Long Span Structures are today widely applied for sport, social, industrial, ecological and other activities. Structures with long span can be build with R.C.C Construction since design approach of long span structures results into flexible and column-free internal spaces. Many large span structures dictated by new design trends have the following features:

Structural stability with technological astonishment.

Capability to support considerable loads.

Offers Economy in terms of steel weight.

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