Aluminum single-layer reticulated shell construction

Aluminum single-layer reticulated shell construction

Ningbo's first aluminum alloy structural reticulated shell,the reticulated roof of the Tangshu School Sports Building in Haishu District,is located south of Huancheng South Road and east of Nantang River. With its unique oval shape,it looks like a The eye-catching pearls are scattered around the corner of the Tang School in the Haishu section, which adds a lot to the beautiful campus.

The structural system of this project is a single-layer reticulated shell,which is supported on the lower concrete structure. The ellipsoidal reticulated shell has a total length of about 51 meters,a total width of about 33 meters, and a structural height of about 20 meters. The integral reticulated shell is supported by 28 embedded support embedded in the lower ring beam.

The ellipsoidal reticulated shells have different heights, curvatures at different plane positions, curvatures of the gusset plates, diameters, and hole positions. The lengths and angles of the members are different. This has brought deeper design and processing production. It was a huge difficulty. In order to solve the problems of large design workload of traditional aluminum alloy plate node single-layer reticulated shells, cumbersome node check calculations, and deepening of complex lofting, a set of aluminum alloy plate node single-layer reticulated shell design systems based on ANSYS, ABAQUS and ObjectARX platforms were developed.

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Total quantity:921, Total process time:0.25388789 ms


Total quantity:22

Use Memory: 12.2MB

Time-consuming: 0.42972 ms