Application of Intelligent Deepening Technology in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition

Application of Intelligent Deepening Technology in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Phase I) has a total construction area of 1.46 million m2, a steel structure of 250,000 tons, 2 underground floors, 3 floors above ground and a building height of 44.5m. The pile foundation foundation is adopted, and the main structure form is a multi-support combined space with a large span overhanging complex steel structure system, and the roof is a reticulated shell system composed of a curved and twisted spatially deformed surface mesh.

In the process of the whole project deepening, Tekla has problems such as large repetitive workload, large amount of modification and change, and difficulty of deepening complex structure.The tight face, large amount of tasks and a series of problems needed to resolve, zhongjian steel structure the central China regional design team used. NET a Tekla bring the secondary development of plug-ins, the applications of parameterized modeling and intelligent to the whole project of steel structure in the process of deepening, after repeated attempts and practice, success will be. NET programming of intelligent modeling, parametric application to Tekla and drawing process.Finally, a software for modeling and drawing based on.net programming parameterization and intelligentization was developed.

Successfully realized the parameterized batch modeling and plotting of a large number of repetitive tasks, complex structural systems and deepening of deepening difficulties (such as bending and torsion components), and can grasp the progress of modeling and plotting in real time through parameterization. , greatly shortening the time for modeling and plotting. It has been proved by practice that the software can shorten the design cycle by more than 60%, which provides key technical support and guarantee for project implementation with tight schedule and large task volume, which fully demonstrates the perfect performance spirit of steel constructors.

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