Barrel Vault Space Structure

Barrel Vault Space Structure

Barrel vaults are a popular way of spanning large open areas with few intermediate supports. These structures are generally developed as economic solutions for the construction of industrial buildings.

Barrel vault  Space structures  have been built with many different configurations involving different arrangements. Barrel Vault Space structures allows structural design to incorporate arching theory and the use of steel offers great axial and bending strength so that long clear spans and low rise barrel vaults are possible for roofs, entrance canopies and curved glass walls.

Fast Installation: The design / manufacture / installation of barrel vault space structure  can be accomplished with in a very short interval of time due to the use of pre-fabricated components.

Cost Effectiveness:One of the greatest advantages of using space frames in Barrel Vaults is that it is comparatively cost effective.

Accuracy in Installation: Another essential feature of using Space frames is that there is a high degree of accuracy in the process of designing and installation of  space frames.

Flexible design structure:It is one of the most flexible and sturdy structure used for constructing commercial buildings and residential properties.

Eco-Friendly:These space frame structures are 100 % recyclable. Therefore it is known to be eco-friendly.

Light in weight: One of the most important advantages of Barrel Vault space structure is its lightweight due to the uniform material load distribution spatially.

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Total quantity:923, Total process time:0.24581361 ms


Total quantity:22

Use Memory: 12.2MB

Time-consuming: 0.41469 ms