Beijing City Sub-center Security Guards Joint Service Center South Building successfully closed

Beijing City Sub-center Security Guards Joint Service Center South Building successfully closed

At 10:18 am on December 24, 2018, the main structure of the South Building of the Beijing City Sub-center Security Guard Center was capped. Mr. Huang, the owner, Director Deng, and Xiong Jie, deputy general manager of China Construction Steel Corporation Beijing Branch attended the ceremony. After the completion of the joint security guard center project, it will serve as the residence of the Beijing Armed Police Detachment and undertake the security work of the entire sub-center. The project is of great significance.

This project is the third steel structure project undertaken by Zhongjian Steel Structure Co., Ltd. in the sub-center. The underground is steel-reinforced concrete structure and the ground is steel frame structure. The south building underground began to hoist on October 24, and the ground began to hoist on November 22.

In this process, the project faces difficulties such as over-standard safety and quality supervision by the construction commission and the headquarters, cross-communication tower cranes with civil construction, municipal roads and other units, and the only installation of a circular road control component, and the welding volume is wide. In all kinds of severe environments, the project department always adheres to the standardization management as the criterion, takes five normalized management as the starting point, strictly implements the “10 steps of project management”, scientifically organizes, optimizes the construction plan, and formulates the construction week plan, according to the construction. The schedule is reasonable to arrange labor services to enter the market, optimize the labor mix and match, and the supporting equipment enters the scene to ensure that people do their best. Prepare a component shipping plan to ensure that component installation is not restricted. Strictly guarantee the safety and quality of the project, set up a safety and quality inspection team, and work hard and strictly control. We will fully promote various management measures, and the construction progress and safety production will be smoothly controlled, and the reputation will be remarkable. All employees of the project department work hard and the site is divided into 24-hour shifts. The project management staff work nearly 12 hours a day to ensure full coverage of on-site production control.

The main body structure of the Beijing Municipal Sub-center Administrative Office District Security Center is the phased achievement of the sub-center construction project, laying a more solid foundation for the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration. It marks an important step forward in the supporting construction of the Beijing Sub-center.

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