Beijing digs new depth in Olympic legacy

Beijing digs new depth in Olympic legacy

BEIJING - The newly updated corridor on the glass roof of Beijing's iconic "Bird's Nest" has been open to the public which enables tourists to overlook the Chinese capital on the highest point of the 2008 Olympics main stadium.

The corridor, extended to 1,000 meters from some 200 meters, is made of stainless steel and runs all across the roof from south to north with a stopping point at the west end of the roof where is the highest place of the stadium at 69 meters.

Beijing digs new depth in Olympic legacy

On the glass roof, one can stand on the huge steel beams which are woven into a gigantic nest-likestructure, earning the stadium the nickname "Bird's Nest" and enjoy a stunning view that includes Beijing Olympics aquatic center "Water Cube", Linglong tower for broadcasting during the Games, the dragon-shaped river as well as various high rises.
As one of the Beijing Olympics most famous legacies, Bird's Nest has become an important tourist destination in Beijing, hosts international soccer matches and concerts. And ice and snow festival was staged during winter, that has attracted 200,000 people in 2016, according to the statistics from the stadium.
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