Bolted-ball gas station

Bolted-ball gas station

Now more and more gas stations adopt grid design schemes. Compared with traditional bolted steel gas stations, grid gas stations have many advantages.
Bolt ball joints commonly used in general space frame structure are mainly realized by high-strength bolt connections. Generally, when the ends of the members are connected, we can use the bolt ball to do the splitting surface. The hexagonal sleeve is between the splitting surface and the sealing plate or cone Then it is stuck in the sealing plate or cone head through the high-strength bolt cap. It does not need to drill the steel, saving time and effort, and can effectively reduce the damaged area of the material cross section, which brings great convenience to the space frame structure processing project.
The whole bolt ball grid is simple and fast, which can provide working efficiency.The support of the grid frame has a large force, which can realize the partial pressure of the steel structure grid frame, which not only saves steel, but also reduces self-weight, and ensures the stability of the entire project. The span of the grid can reach 30 ~ 150m, and the open space is 20 ~ 30m. The structure is stable and will not collapse, so it has excellent seismic performance.The entire bolt ball structure has a complete set of standard drawings of parts, which is mainly convenient for factory processing. The installation process of the bolt ball grid is relatively simple and convenient. 
Gas stations are buildings that require large spaces and large rooms, so the grid structure is a cost-effective choice.
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