Bulk Storage Dome

Bulk Storage Dome

Dome Structural system provides a unique solution to the  bulk storage  industry. Remained committed towards sustainability and improving the local economies, the coal dome manufactured LF Group are strong, durable, environmentally sound and adaptable.

Bulk storage dome structures are highly durable and strong. If we talk about strength and average building life of dome structures, then their life is longer and strength is more than any other type ofstacker reclaimer sheds in Space frame industry. Coal storage domes with coal gasification has its own advantages. These include:

Simple foundation requirements

Rapid construction regardless of weather

Condensation is virtually eliminated.

Better environmental and fugitive dust control.

Environment Friendly.

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Total quantity:921, Total process time:0.25186014 ms


Total quantity:22

Use Memory: 12.2MB

Time-consuming: 0.42529 ms