Bulk storage solutions

Bulk storage solutions

LF builds bulk storage solutions for ring stockpiles, conical piles, longitudinal piles, and free-form material piles.

Proven System

Geodesic domes are made with an efficient structural system of strong and corrosion resistant galvanized steel or aluminium. The light, prefabricated domes are containerized and shipped from our plant to anywhere in the world. Construction may proceed before, during or after material handling equipment is installed, and often the domes are built over existing live material stockpiles with minimal or no downtime.

Covering Stockpiles

Power plants, mines, cement plants, ports and many other industries need to stock large quantities of dry bulk materials. These were traditionally left uncovered, or stored in vertical silos. But open stockpiles produce dust and contaminated runoff, and silos are small and expensive. Due to increasing environmental concerns, many organizations desiring covered storage have looked for and found a cost effective way to solve their problem: domes.

Details and Options


Translucent cladding panels in matching profiles bring daylight into domes and save energy costs.


Ventilation openings can be designed into the structure to provide the desired air circulation.


Several anchoring options are available, including: cast in place (second pour), welded to embedded plates, and drilled anchors.


Openings of nearly any shape and size for vehicle and personnel access may be incorporated into your dome. Doors, frames and canopies are available for all openings.


Accommodations are easily made for conveyors, chutes or blending equipment, without compromising the structural behavior of the dome.


Exterior or interior manways can be designed and supplied with your building for convenient and safe access. 


Steel cladding is galvanized and coated with a baked-on polymer to give superior corrosion and ultraviolet ray resistance. Profiles are designed to best suit your job, and include rectangular or standing seam panels. Rectangular panels may be fastened to the inside of the structural frame to protect against fire or corrosion hazards.

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