Chengdu International Tianfu Airport Terminal Control Center main project structure capping

Chengdu International Tianfu Airport Terminal Control Center main project structure capping

At 3:13 am on May 10, after 43 hours of hard work, the main structure of the terminal control hall of the air traffic control project of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport was successfully capped.

The lower space of the part is designed as an air control hall and equipment room, and more important high-precision equipment will be installed in the future. Therefore, the anti-leakage work of the roof is the biggest difficulty of the project. The structure of this part is designed as a steel column beam reinforced concrete structure with high height, large span, large linear load and complicated construction technology.

Before the concrete is poured, in order to ensure the construction safety, the construction headquarters of the Southwest Air Traffic Control Administration will organize the preparation of a special construction plan. After the approval of each unit, the invited experts will conduct the review and propose the rectification requirements and work arrangements. After the plan is passed, the frame erection will be carried out. 

In 2015, the highly anticipated Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Master Plan and Terminal Building Plan was“released”. The design of China Construction Southwest Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. and China Civil Aviation Airport Construction Group Corporation and France ADP INGENIERIE (hereinafter referred to as the Southwest Design Institute Consortium) designed to“stand out”and become the overall planning and terminal selection of Chengdu New Airport. Program. The terminal has a reasonable process and has set up international and domestic convertible seats to increase flexibility for future development.

The configuration of the terminal building is intended to have the characteristics of the sun god bird in Chengdu. The four unit-type terminal buildings in the terminal area are like four birds flying in the next day, which means that the ancient civilization has experienced 3,000 in this magical land of Chengdu. The continuation, inheritance and growth of the rest of the year means that Chengdu Tianfu International Airport will take off to the world with a uniquely confident and high-spirited attitude.

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