China Animation Museum-Steel Structure Gold Award

China Animation Museum-Steel Structure Gold Award

Recently, the China Animation Museum project successfully passed the on-site review of the China Construction Engineering Steel Structure Gold Award, the highest award in China's construction steel structure industry. Among the 23 evaluation projects in 4 major items: engineering quality, construction difficulty, technological innovation, and management system The China Animation Museum scored a total of 143 points (out of 150 points), the highest score among all the declared projects nationwide this year.

The China Animation Museum is a key project for Hangzhou to build a national cultural and creative center and the “City of Animation”. It is located on the island on the east side of the Animation Plaza in the Baima Lake Ecological Creative City. The construction area is 30,000 square meters. It will be divided into functional exhibition areas such as collection display area, film and television theater area, and public communication area. Upon completion, it will become the largest domestic, international first-class animation professional museum with the largest exhibits and the most authoritative content. Since the construction started at the end of 2014, the first phase of the basement construction and the second phase of the steel structure main construction have been successfully completed, and the third phase of the curtain wall construction is being accelerated.

The main body of the steel structure of the China Animation Museum is an over-limit structure. It adopts unconventional design processes such as "upper beams, vertical trusses, large-section curved beams, large cast steel nodes, laminated rubber isolation bearings", and the total steel consumption is 13,000 I tons. The project has adopted more than 20 types of steel section sections and more than 15 plate thickness specifications. A single member weighs about 200 tons and a segmented member weighs about 45 tons. The steel structure has a large volume, high density, and many and complicated nodes. The overall shape is irregular, the welding is complicated, the operation surface is narrow, and the construction difficulty is comparable to that of Beijing Bird's Nest and Guangzhou Tower.

During the project implementation process, the Creative City Management Committee always adhered to high standards, strict requirements, and precise construction concepts and innovative measures. It formulated and strictly implemented the "Regulations on the Classification and Classification of Construction Quality at the Construction Site of China Animation Museum", which will be the key link in the construction of the project. Classification and classification of key nodes, implementation of responsibilities, and implementation of responsibilities; set up a QC research team, cracked the test of steel grid tube and cast steel nodes, optimized TMD (damping and shock absorbing) scheme, and produced the top ring beam of steel grid tube Technical problems such as construction, Dong Shilin, Cui Junzhi, Nie Jianguo, and other academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering were invited to demonstrate the design and construction of the most difficult and difficult aspects of the steel structure; the theoretical operation training and evaluation of electric welders were carried out, and the certificates were issued after the assessment, which effectively ensured the welding of steel structures Quality, meanwhile, third-party testing is performed on key links such as steel structure welds; on the premise of ensuring safety and quality, the main body of the steel structure was successfully completed on April 30 this year.

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