China Construction Steel Assembly School to Create a Green Campus

China Construction Steel Assembly School to Create a Green Campus

"Education is an important way to improve people's overall quality and promote people's all-round development. It is an important cornerstone of national rejuvenation and social progress, and a cause of decisive significance to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." Always insist on putting education in socialist modernization. The strategic position in the middle. In his congratulatory speech on the first anniversary of the UN's "Education First" Global Initiative, he pointed out that China will firmly implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and always put education in a strategic position of priority development.

Among them, GS-Building (general steel building) is an industrial building product of steel frame + three-plate system. The product adopts steel structure as the main load-bearing structure, with prefabricated inner and outer walls and floor slabs as the envelope structure, integrating green air system, ground source heat pump system, solar energy system, energy-saving doors and windows and other green technologies, which can be applied to office buildings, houses, schools and hospitals. In addition, China Construction Steel Co., Ltd. is supported by the GS-Building system, and has also built prefabricated construction projects such as Shenguang·Qujiang Yungu, Beijing Tianheng, Langfang Xinao and Paxin School.
ME-House (Modular and Ecological House) is a three-dimensional modular green steel construction product. The product consists of unit modules, each unit module integrates hydropower pipelines, decoration, etc., and realizes different building functions through diversified combinations. At the same time, the product integrates energy-saving technologies such as solar energy and fresh air system. It is an ecological, livable, intelligent, efficient and diverse building product. GS-Building and ME-House two types of fabricated steel structure products technology, effectively enhance the development of society in the field of green assembly school construction.

In Jiangsu, the EPC project for the first phase of the basic education facility construction in Huai'an Qingjiangpu District was built: the project is the first assembly-type construction project in Huai'an, with a total of 173,000 square meters, including Jinjiayuan Primary School, Wenjin Primary School and Laobakou Primary School. Qingjiang Pu Experimental Primary School, No. 1 Middle School, and Wudun Kindergarten. The EPC project of the first phase of the school building construction of Xuzhou Economic Development Zone was built: the project is centered on the Damiao Middle School, including the high-rise middle school comprehensive building teacher apartment project of the development zone, the new Jinlonghu primary school project, the Yangshan Road primary school expansion project, and the Lizhuang primary school Construction, Damiao Middle School Extension Project, Xuzhuang Middle School Relocation Project 6 schools.

"Youth wisdom is the country's wisdom, the young is rich, the country is rich, the young is strong, the country is strong, and the younger progress is the country's progress." China Construction Steel hopes that the children will study hard and go up every day. Today is a good boy in the motherland, and tomorrow will be the successor of the motherland. The company will continue to work hard to build a better and more beautiful campus for students!

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