China Construction Steel Structure Kaifeng Hengdatong World International Conference Center Steel St

China Construction Steel Structure Kaifeng Hengdatong World International Conference Center Steel St

On October 10, 2018, the first column of the steel structure project of the Kaifeng Hengdatong World International Conference Center, which was built by China Construction Steel Construction Co., Ltd., was successfully opened.

 Kaifeng Hengdatong World International Conference Center has a total land area of 136,779.90 m2 and a total construction area of 85,520.79 m2. It includes six conference halls, including a banquet hall, a theater-style conference hall, and a multi-purpose conference hall. It adopts various structural forms such as the outer steel structure petal shape, the stiff steel column and the steel roof. Among them, the steel roof adopts a  space truss  system with a maximum span of 40m; the petal adopts a three-layer shaped steel frame structure system, which is divided into inner, middle and outer lobes.

 This project takes the meaning of "Beidou Seven Stars", which is shaped like a bucket spoon, and adopts a "one main and multiple auxiliary" semi-enclosed layout mode. The central hall is located at the core of the whole layout, and leads the entire building group. The conference centers and banquet halls are distributed around, free and fluid, forming a star-studded situation. The whole creates a future-oriented architectural group image centered on large space, high quality and modernity. The smooth opening of the first section of the column means a new starting point for project construction, and the “Star Diversion Guide” is just around the corner.


According to the person in charge of the construction project of the Zhongjian  Steel Structure , the steel structure of the project is various in form, and the components are in the form of space curves. There are a large number of curved steel pipe members. The steel structure has a large span and high construction precision, which is another major test for China Steel Construction. All the staff of the project department will live up to expectations, attack the dangers, and move forward to ensure that the Kaifeng Hengdatong World International Conference Center “is growing rapidly every day” and complete the construction of the steel structure project as soon as possible. Sending satisfactory answers to Kaifeng citizens, and contributing to the revival of Kaifeng and the rise of the Central Plains.

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