Nigeria Salvation Ministries Cathedral Church Roof Project Kick Off Meeting was successfully conclud

Nigeria Salvation Ministries Cathedral Church Roof Project Kick Off Meeting was successfully conclud

On April 10th,2018, Salvation Ministries OPMT and BV team come to our company to visit the factory where space frame structure produced and have the kickoff meeting of the “The hand of god” cathedral roof project.


It is biggest church in Nigeria, even in the world, which consists of one 91m span central dome, four finger-shaped cylindrical structures, two fan-shaped roof structures. All the roof structures are space frame, covered with AL-Mg-Mn roofing sheet. The total project area is about 50,000M2, which can accommodate 100,000 people at same time.

In the meeting, the delegations of all parties give masterly speeches and wish “the hand of god” cathedral project in Nigeria to achieve full success and become great landmark in the world.


Finally, LF group and OPMT open the champagne together and celebrate the meeting comes to a successful conclusion.

All guys who work for the project take a group photo together at the end of the meeting!

The kick Off meeting as successfully concluded.


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