Coal Bulk Storage

Coal Bulk Storage

Coal Bulk Storage

Design, fabrication and installation of domes for storing coal, this structure is basically used in power plant for Coal Bulk Storage. Dome structure is built by space frame which is a three-dimensional light weight steel structure.

At present the aspects of coal storage, which are currently in the limelight and some improvements. There are different types of Thermal power plants based on the fuel used to generate the steam such as coal, gas, and Diesel.

Cost effective and sustainable solution for Bulk Storage of Coal  

Coal Storage Shed is a suitable solution to address the issues listed above. It is highly specialized and comes with the following advantages. The cost of such structure is 30% – 40% lower as compared to other conventional structures. This structure offers wide spans of up to 150 meters with fast erection and hassle free erection. This structure installation does not impact the productivity of the plant. Since this structure uses circular sections the coal dust accumulation is kept minimal on the members.

Space frame shed can be constructed in both Barrel and dome geometry as illustrated below 

Barrel  spatial structure – Curved spatial structure

These structures offer very high flexibility as they have a long span can be extended in length as per requirement of the plant. The material can be loaded using stackers and tripper cars from above. Reclaiming is done with bridge or scrapper reclaimer or with front-end loaders.

Coal Bulk Storage
Dome Type Spatial structure

Coal Bulk Storage

Coal Bulk Storage

These structures can be of 200-300 m in diameter. They are used with space constraints with less scope of expansion. They permit stockpiles up to 15-20 meter.

The open type of coal storage in power plants have a number of issues as explained above. With the growing concern about the environmental hazards pertaining to this method of storage, it is becoming a mandatory requirement to cover these stockpiles. The loss of coal due to erosion, wind and loss of GCV can be reduced by adopting covered storage. It is recommended to adopt covered storage methods.
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